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Crafted in Istanbul, Turkey, Drop Earrings Not Bombs is a project that raises funds and generates income for the Syrian refugees of war living in Istanbul. 


Partnering with Small Projects Istanbul's Olive Tree Women's Craft Collective, Drop Earrings Not Bombs earrings are handmade by Syrian refugees residing in Istanbul.  Each pair of earrings is a unique display of creativity and design, a story told through the eyes of a person who has been through more than any one life should experience.  The project creates a space for color therapy, community building and artistic expression.  100% of the proceeds from the Drop Earrings Not Bombs project goes back into Small Projects Istanbul, where the refugees are provided with access to supplemental education and programs that assist students and families from Syria succeed in Turkey and beyond, paving the way for better futures.




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Small Projects Istanbul

Mevlanakapı Mahallesi,
Karabaş Çeşmesi Sokak         No. 2 / A,
Fatih, İstanbul, 34104





The Earrings

The displayed earring photos are intended to show the variety of colors and patterns that our team is capable of making. There are infinite possibilities and we are always experimenting to make something new. You are welcome to select specific models listed below or to describe your favorite colors and have our team design the earrings for you.

The original 5 color classics:

The elegant Simits:

The smaller, stunning Minis:


We run on a donation basis, for every donation, you will receive earrings.  The money donated goes to Small Projects Istanbul and not only supports the women involved in the Olive Tree Women's Craft Collective, but it also supports the activities and refugee families who are a part of the Small Projects Istanbul community.

Please contact us at to notify us of your donation and include the following information: the name of the earrings (visible when you hover over the model), frame colour and your shipping address.

We have more models than you see here, the women enjoy the creative process of developing styles, you are welcome to request specific models and/or colour combinations, see it as a lucky dip! 


Please submit your donation via the PayPal button below or by wire transfer personal donation.

$15 per pair (standard shipping inc)


For international shipping please allow between 2-4 weeks for delivery. For rush orders we may be able to send your earrings with expedited shipping for an additional fee. 

Please be aware that you may incur a customs charge for larger orders depending on your country's policies. `This is unfortunately out of our hands. If you require an invoice please notify us and we will gladly provide it for you. 


Wholesale prices: If you are interested in becoming a wholesale buyer please contact us. We are committed to building relationships with buyers that provide regular work for us, we will work with you to develop a range of styles that suit your market. 

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